Recovery of Purified Isophtalic Acid (PIA)

DrM has supplied filter skids to two Indorama Ventures facilities in USA and Spain for recovery of Purified Isophtalic Acid (PIA) crystal fines from the process waste water stream. PIA, like the chemically similar PTA, is used as precursor in production of PET. Recovery of crystal fines increases the overall yield of the process and reduces the load to WWT plant. 92 among hundreds of … Continue reading Recovery of Purified Isophtalic Acid (PIA)

Carbon Capture & Storage

Carbon Capture & Storage Background: The increased attention towards the production of greenhouse gases as a result of human activities has lead to the development of equipment and processes to limit the CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants. Different processes are being developed for removing carbon dioxide from off-gases and store it underground/inject it into oil or gas wells in order to improve the … Continue reading Carbon Capture & Storage

Lithium Hydroxide

Lithium Hydroxide DrM Shanghai has shipped a set of semi-skid mounted filters for Phase 2 of Tianqi’s $700m Kwinana High Purity Lithium Hydroxide Plant. The filter skids have been delivered to site in Kwinana, Western Australia. For the filter polishing applications, the supply consists of two sets of duty/standby CONTIBAC® units, two sets of duty/standby sintered metal guard filters, two stand alone duty sintered metal … Continue reading Lithium Hydroxide

Production of fertilizer KNO3

Production of fertilizer KNO3 FUNDABAC® Filters are successfully applied across many industries. For example in the production of the specialty fertilizer KNO3 our filters have been in service since many years. DrM is proud to inform that after close collaboration with an important South American company we recently delivered four large filtration systems to increase their production capacity. KNO3 is primarily used in drip irrigation … Continue reading Production of fertilizer KNO3

Catalyst – production of petroleum resins

Catalyst – production of petroleum resins Recently another high temperature FUNDABAC® Filter system has been delivered to one of our Chinese clients. The filter is running at 260ºC and recovers catalyst from a hydrogenation reactor in the production of petroleum resins. The unit is designed for hazardous area with all equipment fully explosion proof. In the meantime DrM has accumulated significant experience in designing equipment … Continue reading Catalyst – production of petroleum resins

STERIBAC® for pharma

STERIBAC® for pharma DrM Shanghai just completed the fabrication of one 1 m2 and two (one shown in the pictures) 2.6 m2 Steribac® units. The filtration plants will now be delivered to Bratsk, Russia, where they will be part of the newly built API manufacturing facility of Pharmasyntez, one of the Russian leaders in pharmaceutical production. Find out more about our STERIBAC® product here: Continue reading STERIBAC® for pharma