Carbon Capture & Storage

Carbon Capture & Storage

The increased attention towards the production of greenhouse gases as a result of human activities has lead to the development of equipment and processes to limit the CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants.
Different processes are being developed for removing carbon dioxide from off-gases and store it underground/inject it into oil or gas wells in order to improve the wells’ productivity. Perhaps the most developed carbon capture process is the so-called “Post-combustion capture”, where off-gases are washed in a wet scrubber by an alkaline solvent which reacts with the acidic CO2 and thus removes it from the gaseous stream.

Benefits of FUNDABAC®:
Beside the proprietary processes, each technology licensor has developed and proposes its proprietary solvent for gas scrubbing. Most of them are amine based.

DrM holds a wide experience with removal of salts and impurities from amine streams, following approx. 80 filters already supplied and currently in operation for gas sweetening in refineries. Furthermore, extensive industrial pilot tests have been performed on this specific application and full-scale equipment have been supplied to power plants already. In contrast to standard gas sweetening processes in refineries, amine treatment of flue gas from coal power stations contains significantly larger amounts of dust which poses tougher requirements on the filtration.

Unlike disposable cartridge filters, a permanent precoat system like DrM’s FUNDABAC® avoids frequent replacement of elements and therefore dramatically cuts the operating cost related to cartridge purchasing/disposal and to manpower needed for periodic replacement. Furthermore, the use of dynamic filter cloths renders the need for moving or rotating parts completely unnecessary.

As a matter of fact, only the filtration media, which are made of synthetic fibres have to be replaced after some 1 – 3 years of operation, depending on type and use.
Competing designs exist which share the advantages of a completely closed and fully automatic system. However, DrM’s candle design is unmatched in providing the most efficient cake build- up and a complete discharge of dry solids. This in turn allows a smooth filtration operation with long and stable cycles. The filter cake can be washed extensively to reduce solvent loss further. Please contact DrM for specific information.

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