FUNDABAC® Filter for the Extraction of Lithium

We are proud to announce that we recently delivered another FUNDABAC® Filter for the extraction of lithium. The FUNDABAC® Filter is assembled in a complete transportable skid mounted unit (with wheels) and has been delivered as a turn-key unit complete with valves, instrumentation, piping and control system. This system comes with the PLC and HMI pre-programmed software that allows to control/modify the filtration parameters as well as the complete sequence of the valves and conditions of operation for a full automatic process. This is one more FUNDABAC® filter that is used in the lithium extraction process. The filter is designed to retain impurities from brine, therefore the quality of the filtrate is essential to obtain high levels of purity of the finished product. Thus, it is able to discharge a dry cake or a concentrated slurry.

Find out more about our filter in regards to lithium extraction:

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